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cover art for 'Serpentine' by Cindy Pon, showing a Chinese woman with one brown eye and one green serpentine eye, in front of a lantern-lit, pagoda-style building

“Reading helps to broaden our worlds, our understanding of people who are not exactly like us, and to foster empathy. What does it mean if a reader only reads about protagonists that are white, able-bodied, straight, and often male? It means they are missing out on a vast part of the reading experience and narrative and that their reading world is very narrow indeed–not reflective of the actual diverse world we live in now.”
Cindy Pon

Excerpted from Diversity in YA! An Interview with Cindy Pon

Does your reading and watching diet reflect the diversity of the world? How is the balance or imbalance of the stories you consume reflected in the stories you create as a writer? How does or doesn’t your writing broaden understanding and foster empathy?

Image: “Skybright and Zhen Ni” art © 2014 Phoenix Lu, cover art for Serpentine by Cindy Pon

One thought on “Cindy Pon: Reading helps to broaden our worlds

  • Mark Walker

    Wholeheartedly agree – the more you read the more you understand. Having just read Cindy’s Silver Phoenix as research for my Shadow Puppet Script (on Shaula’s recommendation) I can attest to that fact. Even just reading one book out of my “cultural comfort zone” led me to a better understanding of how to develop and present the characters in my script.

    And, if I get it right, perhaps I can contribute to others’ widening world views? We can but dream!

    Which reminds me that I might have to get the sequel for some more research!

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