How To Get Published: A Flowchart 4 comments

So you want to get published

Okay book writers, how closely does this flowchart resemble your own publishing process? What would you add or subtract?

Even if you write in a different field, the broad strokes of getting your work out into the world still feel similar to me. Do any other writers connect with this?

Via Kate Hart

4 thoughts on “How To Get Published: A Flowchart

  • jay

    Pretty close. Except ‘more than one offer’ doesn’t always (or usually, in my experience) lead to an auction. What it usually leads to is, ‘Chose the offer you like best.’

      • jay

        The publisher itself, sometimes. Like, an offer from FSG or Knopf is higher status, and so forth. The editor herself–how enthusiastic she is about the book, her power in-house, her track record, her ideas for revision and even promotion. (Though acquiring editors often leave during the production of a book, leaving you orphaned, so I try not to care about this.) If they’re offering a single book deal, a two book deal, a three book deal. Though money is money is money.

        • Shaula Evans Post author

          That reminds me of when I was guiding clients through job offers as a technical recruiter: the impossible calculus of comparing real, immediate, tangible things with intangible things and potential things that might or might not actually materialize.

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