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Still from film Metropolis (1927)

How does an Idea Factory work?

In my writing workshops, I like to include an “Idea Factory”–a place where writers can have fun brainstorming together and spitballing crazy story ideas.

The goal of an Idea Factory isn’t to impress other writers or come up with the best idea on earth–although both happen regularly as a byproduct. The whole idea is to give writers a safe place to play, without ego, and get used to collaborating and to generating new story ideas all the time.

Why would I give story ideas away?

Folks, I *am* an idea factory. I’m one of those people who breathes story ideas. I see stories everywhere I turn. And I couldn’t write them all up if I wrote non-stop for a hundred years.

It doesn’t make sense to me to be “precious” (in the Gollum sense) with story ideas when sharing them is so much more fun.

Plus, brainstorming with other writers, building on each others’ ideas, and seeing the amazing ideas all y’all come up with is a blast!  Not to mention that when you share your creative processes with me, you make me a better writer. Everybody wins.

Let’s build an Idea Factory

I’m looking at ways to build a special area on this site for an Idea Factory where you’ll be welcome not just to brainstorm but to share story prompts with other people, too.

BUT that probably won’t launch until the new year. (You have no idea the exciting things I have lined up for you in 2015!) And I miss spitballing crazy story ideas with you. And I don’t want to wait.

So how does this sound:

I’ll put up an Idea Factory story prompt here on the blog once a week. Everyone gets a full week to come up with a story pitch–and to respond to other people’s ideas, too.  Everybody is welcome. And, in the meantime, if you want to save up your story prompts, there will be a good place to share them in the new year.

Share Your Input: Take the Idea Factory Poll

If you’d like a weekly Idea Factory story prompt series (until the “real” Idea Factory goes live), please cast your vote in the poll below. And if you have any specific questions or requests, let me know in the comments.


Thank you to everyone who took the survey. Our first writing prompt is now live!

11 thoughts on “Idea Factory: Your Feedback Wanted

    • Shaula Evans Post author

      Thank you, Angel. I have really missed bouncing ideas around with you–you always have an interesting and unexpected perspective on prompts that expand my vision of story possibilities.

  • Mark Walker

    Hell Yeah! Always good to share some ideas, so it is a great idea to get one up and running again! And your post reminded me that the cellophane is well overdue for cracking on remastered Metropolis Blu Ray…..

    • artificial kid

      Okay Mark, time for my first dumb question on this site:
      What benefits does bluray offer on such an old and arguably low quality/resolution original?
      (And I don’t mean any added extras or games, purely the film!)

      • Mark Walker

        Hey Kid, not dumb at all, but the answer is simple….it’s all in the transfer. Film, by its very nature is a much much higher resolution than Blu Ray and even 4k if, indeed, we can even thunk in terms of ‘resolution’ in relation to film. A good transfer from the original print, onto Blu Ray should look stunning, especially in comparison to and old VHS copy, or even DVD. It is the same principle with camera film against Digital – the old camera film is still a much higher resolution than digital even if you have 10s of mega pixels….simply because the older medium isn’t restricted by its pixels to create the image…..I am sure there are much more technical aspects to it but, essentially, the original film print is still going to be best. Of course, the equipment you play it on will also have an effect.

        That and the newer copies of Metropolis have more unseen footage!

  • Lydia Mulvey

    Smashing idea! Can’t wait to see what sort of stuff emerges. Always found playing with ideas in this way to be enormous good fun and surprising. Bring it on!

  • artificial kid

    Yay Shaula! (Again!)

    Shall save some up to bombard you in the new year then.

    One involves an IS Ebola plot…

    Ooooh another thought: an Ideas Factory themed twelve days of Xmas ….hmmm…brain buzzing now…

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