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Geisha Ichimaru with her shamisen

Ichimaru (市丸) , born Goto Matsue (後藤まつゑ), one of the most famous geishas of the 20th century

If I don’t try something new, [my] performance is going to go moldy.

Ichimaru (市丸)

When was the last time you tried something new with your writing? What have you wanted to try but haven’t yet attempted? How do you keep your writing fresh and new?

Via The Shamisen Boogie Woogie: Exploring the Life of Ichimaru by Remi Kobayashi

3 thoughts on “Keeping your writing fresh

  • artificial kid

    For a number of reasons, I am trying some autobiographical writing at the moment. Partly because I have wanted to for a while but also because I have now been asked to.

    Some areas are flowing easier than other parts of my life, those being the darker periods, bizarrely…

    • Shaula Evans Post author

      A friend of mine, the brilliant Canadian writer Andrew Tibbetts, writes phenomenal first-person, confessional stuff. I’ll see if I can’t hit him up for some writing tips for you. (If I could just download Andrew’s brain I’d be the best writer in the world.)

      I’ve been something of an epistolist all my life which covers my own autobiographical urges, but there’s also journaling, confessional writing (in the literary sense), etc.

      There’s a lot to be said for autobiographical writing as a way to grow and stay fresh as a writer (and as a human). I’ll keep my eyes out for good resources for you.

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