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old book and new book

“What you need to know about the next piece is contained in the last piece.”
– David Bayles & Ted Orland, in Art & Fear: Observations On the Perils (and Rewards) of Artmaking

Taking stock of your creative process in this kind of way is a great idea. What did you learn from the last thing you wrote? What does that elucidate about your current project?

Go on, share your answers. That way, while you learn from yourself, we can also learn from each other.

One thought on “Learning from yourself

  • Steve Gregg

    The last thing I wrote was a long play, and I think I learned the value of knowing the ending. It was — by my standards — an ambitious piece. But because I knew the ending, i was never scared to work on it. If I didn’t know how a particular sequence was going to play out, I could write it knowing that, eventually, a serviceable version of the scene would point to that ending in some way.

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