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This grabbed me by the heart:

What would your prescription for yourself as a writer be? (Or as a human?–because as much as we often fail to acknowledge the fact, writers are humans first.)

You work out your own imaginary medicine as a fun creativity exercise, or use this as a writing prompt to start a poem, flash fiction or short story.

Go ahead, work out your own prescription. What does it do? What is it made of? (Hint: things that feed your soul make good ingredients.) Be as whimsical, fanciful and magical as you want. I’m working on mine right now.

Via the Foundling Museum with thanks to Edana Minghella for sharing.

7 thoughts on “Make Your Own Medicine

  • Lydia Mulvey

    My medicine ingredients would be: fresh coconut cookies, the seaside, rain, logs burning on fires.
    It would be delivered each day to my house by helicopter in a half pineapple with a cocktail umbrella.
    And it would help me to sometimes feel a little less, sometimes feel a little more and also allow me to have a good hair day. Every day.

    • Shaula Evans Post author

      Dear Dr. Mulvey:

      The Imaginary Medicine Institute hereby approves your prescription. (You may have noticed an improvement in your hair and feelings already!)

      Watch for a helicopter bearing an umbrella-ed pinapple to arrive at your doorstep at any moment. :)

      Our head theiropharmacist notes: This is really fun. I bet it smells heavenly. And all writers deserve their own version of writerly hair, whatever that might be.

  • Sabina Giado

    Let’s see. Patience. Hugs. Oxytocin-inducing human contact (however that might look). Laughter. A tribe. Non-guilt-inducing chocolate. Spirited conversations with a soulmate. Beauty. Awe. Glory. Humanity. Liberal doses of gratitude.

    I think any disease I could ever might be cured by the above.

    In fact, I’m going to save this recipe.

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