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Fall down seven times, stand up eight.


— Japanese Proverb

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  • markwalker_uk

    I love old proverbs and quotes like that – and you reminded me of one I came across just the other day as I started reading John Yorke’s “Into the Woods” (a bit late, but I finally started it).

    Early in the book he refers to an ancient Chinese proverb:

    “You need the eye, the hand and the heart. Two won’t do”

    Which I loved and read at just the right time as I struggle with my China-based family film. I think it works well for anyone involved in anything artistic, but have adopted it for writing – the eye and the hand are easy enough (I have two of each) but we all know that, if our heart isn’t in it, we will never be able to get the hand and the eye to produce something beautiful.

    I might even try and work it into my script somewhere – it involves shadow-puppets, so I am sure I can get it in somehow!

  • mary

    I like this proverb. I’ve fallen a lot in my lifetime. Sometimes I’ve jumped right back out and other times I crawled until I got my legs back.

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