The Representation Test

The Representation Test

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The Representation Project has compiled The Representation Test as a media literacy tool a media literacy tool that grades films on how well they challenge the status quo to encourage discussion of diversity in Hollywood Films.

Before someone balks (not that you would, of course), no one is saying you need to write your script to a checklist. However, it can be helpful to have a reminder to look for weak, lazy or boring choices in our own writing. After all, if you look at the world around you, it’s not “diversity” that’s contrived, it’s artificially straight, able-bodied, white, male-only story worlds.

How do your writing projects measure up?

If you’re working on a project that scores well on The Representation Test, go ahead and brag to us! I can’t wait to hear all about it.

PS There are other ways to portray diversity in your writing. What other kinds of representation are important to you that you’d add to this list?

Via The Representation Project