The Scifi & Fantasy Diversity Gap 1 comment

Infographic: The Scifi Fantasy Diversity Gap by Lee & Low Bookx

The scifi and fantasy film genres desperately need more diversity.

  • Movie fans, what are your favorite films that get this right?
  • Readers, what are your favorite diverse scifi and fantasy novels that you’d like to see adapted to the screen?
  • Scifi and Fantasy writers, how are you working to fix your genre’s diversity gap?
Via Lee & Low Books

One thought on “The Scifi & Fantasy Diversity Gap

  • Mark Walker

    I love these infographics Shaula, they really hammer home some of the worrying trends out there. I know I shouldn’t be amused, but the 8% of protagonists being people of colour, 6 of whom were Will Smith, was so shocking it was funny.

    All shocking statistics, and perhaps concerning when you think about how long it has been since ALIEN got it so right with Ripley! There have been some great Sci-Fi female leads since then, but often in the lower budget and lower profile arenas like Brit Marling’s work such as Another Earth and Scarlet Johansson in Under the Skin. Unfortunately, films that are likely to come in under the radar and never quite trouble the mainstream.

    Still a long way to go.

    Although I hear there is a new film coming out soon….Zone “something or other” from an excellent female writer….

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