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Three crocuses

I want to know three things you love about your writing (or about whatever your creative pursuit is).  Not what other people love about what you do, but what you love. Some of you are bashful, so let me be clear: I am inviting you to tell me, you have permission, it’s okay. If “love” feels too strong, tell me three things you feel good about. But go on and share. I want to know.

One, two, three, go!

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4 thoughts on “Three Things You Love (About Your Writing)

  • Priya

    The act of being creative is very fulfilling. With words, we build worlds, characters, and stories. This is also true for non-fiction. I feel like an engineer, only I work with words.

  • Mark Walker

    Hi Shaula.

    I agree with Priya on Creativity. The act of creating something is very fulfilling, even if it goes nowhere, knowing that you have had an idea, developed it and made it come alive is definitely rewarding.

    I love sharing my ideas as well. I enjoy getting feedback from other people, whether it is good or bad (as long as it is constructive, it’s all good) and being able to use that input to further develop stories is another great aspect of writing. The act of writing itself is very solitary, so it is great to be able to include other people at a later stage, when you have stopped avoiding people and outside contact at all costs!

    Simpy coming up with an idea is rewarding as well. That bolt from the blue that wakes you up at night, or comes to you when daydreaming on the bus. That kernel of an idea that sends your mind racing towards the next concept and throws you back into the whirlwind of creativity that is writing.

    With the New Year well and truly here, my writing resolutions will involve doing a lot more of all three to, hopefully, propel me further towards the ultimate goal of writing professional. And, if it doesn’t all work out in the end, at least I will have fun trying!

    Happy New Year!

  • Angel Mirou

    I’m guessing this is one of those exercises to build one’s self esteem? I think I did something similar at a clown course I took a million years ago… and boy did it work. We spend our lives (well, some of us do) punishing ourselves for just breathing, so when an authoritative voice gives us permission to show ourselves some love, the doors open and a great wave of feelgood comes through….

    I’m guessing our brains are wired to cut ourselves some slack, it’s the whole bloody behaviourist conditioning through education that turns our heads upside down…

    But I digress. Three things I like about my writing: I like paying attention to tiny details of behaviour that only take a line of description but I feel that make some character come alive.

    I also like writing action scenes, toying with the rhythm of paragraphs and single lines, fussing about the right order of words in a description that will suggest cutting and camera movements. I work hard at these and feel great when I think I’ve made the scene work.

    Thing number three: I tend to obsess over characters, sometimes at the expense of plot, which makes me end up cutting lots and lots of little moments I built around the characters. But I’m always on the look for strong visual moments. Things that make me want to see on a big screen. I can treasure those images for years until I have the chance to use them. I live for those moments.

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