Anthony Minghella: Waiting is part of writing 5 comments

I’ve stopped unravelling everytime I’m unable to write. I wait. The drawer opens. Waiting is part of writing.

Anthony Minghella, in an interview by Robert J. Elisberg

5 thoughts on “Anthony Minghella: Waiting is part of writing

  • markwalker_uk

    I would agree with this. A lot of my “process” – partly due to necessity, and partly due to the way my mind works – involves waiting. When I can’t think of what to put on the page, putting actual words down, I spend time thinking about where my story is going, playing scenes out in my head and waiting for the story to tell me where it is going.

    So far it has worked quite well. I have a lot of thinking time, getting ready for work, day dreaming in the day job, waiting for the kids to finish school, waiting for sleep.

    Waiting is a great way to write.

    • Shaula Evans Post author

      I am a waiter, too. I’ve found that coming to terms with the way I write and the writing process that works for me, rather than “unravelling” when I’m not writing the way I think I “should”, makes writing a more pleasant and a vastly more productive experience.

  • marypocrnic

    Sometimes I feel like I’ve waited or am waiting too long. When does waiting turn into procrastination?

  • Jeff Clayton

    The advice I usually see: waiting for the muse is great. Watch and wait. While you’re waiting, write like you’re on deadline. That wastebasket isn’t even half-full yet.

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