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Sorry that check in is so late this week, folks. I was writing on a big deadline and working right down to the wire. I hope your own writing week has been as productive as mine has!

I’ve heard rumors that a number of you have received exciting news recently. Go on and let everyone here know. It’s always good to get to celebrate a friend’s success.

1. Let us know how you fared with last week’s writing goals (whether you shared them with us here or not).

2. Share your goals for the new week.

3. Don’t forget to cheer for each other!

New to the weekly check in? Our first check in of the year includes tips on setting writing goals. But the most important thing to know is that everyone is welcome. If you’d like the moral support of discussing your writing progress with other writers, please join the comments and let us know what you’re working on and how you’re doing.

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13 thoughts on “Weekly Check In Week 37

  • dp

    “I was writing on a big deadline and working right down to the wire. I hope your own writing week has been as productive as mine has!”

    Yay Shaula!

    … that time I congratulated Mr Miyagi on his fine car wax job …

  • Mary

    I am addicted to SCANDAL! I just started watching it and it’s sucked up my free time (as I continue to procrastinate)
    Have another notes meeting today, so hopefully I can start the rewrite soon
    i still have the film festival, so doing that for the weekend
    The writing workshop I went to was a huge disappointment and a waste of money.
    But it’s a warm sunny summer’s day and I ate gelato today, so all is good :)

    • Shaula Evans Post author

      So jealous that you’re right there at TIFF. I’d love to hear what the standout films are for you.

      Gelato on a sunny day can right many a wrong. :)

      • Mary

        This year at TIFF i saw way more english language films than I usually do. I really liked a Danish film called Men and Chicken. Funny and dark and twisted! My kinda film. I also enjoyed a Canadian/Laotian film called RIVER. And I was quite surprised by MR. RIGHT, a Hollywood comedy that made me laugh from the beginning to the end. Sam Rockwell was a delight in it!
        A french film called Summertime was also very good.
        I love how European films have such a different structure to storytelling.

  • Shelley Gustavson

    Surreal week here. Got a kind email from the Sundance Labs folks saying, “hey, we haven’t heard from you… but then again we’ve not heard from anyone concerning their second round acceptance. Must be spam. Let’s try again…!”

    So, way back in May all that cover letter/bio/artistic statement/synopsis work paid off, as the first 5 pages of my so-so draft of the Bacchae adaptation got through to the second round for their Screenwriters Lab in January! Beyond shocked. So, they now have the full (updated) screenplay and I wait for Dec. Not getting my hopes up, but honored.

    Also heard this week the same script was a second-rounder for the Austin Film Fest. Didn’t advance to semis, but again, given how rough it was last spring–no complaints here!

    This week goal is to have finished rough draft of Lear scifi adaptation. Has been semi-done in the vomit stage for a bit, but I’m adding a bit, as this will most likely be cut up into televsion-series episodic moments. So, right now it’s still written as a feature screenplay so I can send it to a few friends to see if the idea is interesting–and to test the waters with subplots and b-level characters I want to add-in. So, also working on my bible: world, character bios, plot summaries and outlines, plus seasonal breakdowns. (As this is an anthologized premium cable product in my mind, ala Fargo or American Horror Story–4 seasons, each one different in story and tone.)

    Want to shape this a bit further so I can doodle ideas for upcoming specs in October.

    Hope you’re all having a great start to Fall! My favorite time of year (except right now when it’s 85 degrees and my allergies are killing me!)

    love, shel

    • Shaula Evans Post author

      You are on fire, woman! I am so happy for you, Shelley. This is just fantastic news.

      > Not getting my hopes up, but honored.

      That’s a great mindset.

      We are still warm, sunny and allergic over here, so I hear people talking about fall, but… I’m still having a good summer. I hope you get out from under the allergies soon!

  • Vicki Bawcombe

    Tucked away here in Cape Town, Soth Africa – loving the sense of community that shines through the comments on this check-in and wanting to be part of it.
    I teach screenwriting at an arts college and write professionally – the former means I spend a lot of time grappling with mind-numbing student-writer problems and the latter is currently feeling rather lonely, so the thought of being “supported” in that is wonderful!

    Shaula – thank you for this!

    • Shaula Evans Post author

      Hi, Vicki. So nice to meet you. Thank you for jumping into the check in.

      I’ve had the privilege to belong to a number of different off- and online creative communities over the years, and I find the combination of support and shared momentum makes a huge difference for me with my own writing, so I’m delighted to be able to re-create that to share with writers in a small way here, too.

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