Weekly Check In Week 38 5 comments

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1. Let us know how you fared with last week’s writing goals (whether you shared them with us here or not).

2. Share your goals for the new week.

3. Don’t forget to cheer for each other!

New to the weekly check in? Our first check in of the year includes tips on setting writing goals. But the most important thing to know is that everyone is welcome. If you’d like the moral support of discussing your writing progress with other writers, please join the comments and let us know what you’re working on and how you’re doing.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Check In Week 38

  • Vicki Bawcombe

    Suddenly loads of work coming in – and guess what? I’m too scared to turn anything down! So now I have so many spinning plates to attend to that it’ll be a miracle if nothing wobbles out!
    … feeling strong, though, and excited.
    Lots of short deadlines to meet in the next few weeks, so let me promise you all that I’m going to stick to my schedules and not get distracted.
    I’ve got so many firecrackers under my butt right now, all threatening to go off – I think I may have discovered a cure for procrastination!

  • Shelley Gustavson

    Last week I found myself spinning my tail. I have great revisions done to old adaptation that I’m shifting into a sci-fi television package. BUT, that fear/insecurity voice that ALL the ideas must be written down adn perfected kicked in. I literally found myself taking a 130pg feature draft and adding… and adding… and adding for fear if I didn’t get all the episodic moments down, I’d forget them. (Granted, there is a bible document being drafted simultaneously, but even though I had an outline, I wanted to write all the scenes out…)

    I finally woke up to efficiency and sanity. Sent a rough 49 pg. pilot to a few friends to just test the waters while I work on treatment and non-scripting writing for a bit. Also got second blog post up. (Which I think I forgot to mention last month. http://www.shelleygustavson.com is now legit, even though I’m still working out the kinks…)

    Goal is to do lots of treatment reading and pitch-practice listening to sessions this week, plus read a friend’s draft.-

    Happy writing everyone!

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