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Four red, yellow and green maple leaves

In place of our usual bee photo*, this week’s check in features a photo of maple leaves to celebrate Canada’s historic election kicking out Stephen Harper’s conservative government. While I generally don’t discuss politics here, I’ll point out that this is GREAT news for Canada and Canadians, not least for Canadians in the arts. Harper slashed arts funding during his tenure and decimated the Canadian arts scene–while newly-elected prime minister Justin Trudeau has promised to invest $380 million in the arts. I’m a happy expat tonight and I look forward to watching a new Canadian arts and culture renaissance.

You all have my permission and encouragement to celebrate by hugging your nearest Canadian, and if you don’t have a Canadian at hand, do the next best thing and hug a tree. (Yes, I’m a bit giddy over the election results.)

With that glorious news delivered, on with our weekly check in, once again guest hosted by Mark Walker:

Weekly Check In

1. Let us know how you fared with last week’s writing goals (whether you shared them with us here or not).

2. Share your goals for the new week.

3. Don’t forget to cheer for each other!

New to the weekly check in? Our first check in of the year includes tips on setting writing goals. But the most important thing to know is that everyone is welcome. If you’d like the moral support of discussing your writing progress with other writers, please join the comments and let us know what you’re working on and how you’re doing.

*Did any of you ever work out I post photos of worker bees in the weekly check in in honour of your diligent toil at your writing? I’m curious whether anyone connected the dots. (The connections may not always be obvious, but the images here will almost always have subtext.)

9 thoughts on “Weekly Check In: Week 42

  • Mark Walker

    Well (that one’s for you Shaula) Hello Everybody!

    (I still can’t type or say that without doing a Dr Nick impression….)

    Anyhoo, how is it all going? A fairly slow week for me, but I have finished my second draft outline of the story I am working on for NaNoWriMo. There are still elements of it that need ironing out, but I suspect I will let it settle for a week or so now and just go for it when 1st November comes about.

    In the meantime I will spend some time this week working on my other current story (sci-fi) treatment so I have something ready to jump onto at the end of November when my 50,000 word novel sits on my computer screen and glows triumphantly at me!

    Hopefully today’s release of a new Star Wars trailer will be the last one until the film appears. This morning’s writing has been slightly truncated by the chance to watch it. Still, at least I finished the outline I was working on before I got carried away!

    Hope you are all writing furiously! You know we are all looking forward to hearing how you are getting on!

    • Shaula Evans

      Your commitment to prep always impresses me, Mark–especially lining up a project to be ready to go *after* NaNoWriMo. Good work.

      I hope the coming months bring you a lot of triumphant glow. :)

      • Mark Walker

        Thanks Shaula!

        Commitment that is, unfortunately, easily dented by the arrival of a new Star Wars trailer! Although I have booked my ticket now, so I can rest easy for a couple of months!

  • dp

    Sometimes I forget where I am-

    There it is again, me in the middle
    of my own translucent house.
    An unbidden past. Always there to find,
    like an autumn retreat I keep
    in the bottom of my sock drawer.

    Flat light casts no shadows of you and me.

    Counting each second with busy work.
    Overdoing the inconsequential with
    set jaw and determination. I’ll fix it.
    I can’t fix that, but I can fix something.

    Maybe then I can move on once again.

    No one ever asks me about regrets.
    This moment, this beautiful place,
    this familiar walk over well kept grounds,
    I keep it so with longing anticipation that perhaps,
    just maybe, if I show well enough,
    it will be with someone exactly like you.

    “The poem inside is perfect; I have a very clumsy retrieval process for getting it out.” —Carolyn Kizer

    • Mark Walker

      Hi DP, a very enjoyable check-in as usual!

      “The poem inside is perfect; I have a very clumsy retrieval process for getting it out.” —Carolyn Kizer

      That is probably true for many of us writers! The ideas can come easy, the realisation of all those characters and voices in our heads no so.

      Hope you are having a good week!

  • Angel Mirou

    Yay, Mark! Yay, Shaula! Yay, dp! Always impressed to find your poetic comments here. Keep up the good work!

    So cool of you to act as host for the check in, Mark! It’s always a pleasure to bump into familiar faces… It’s been quite some time since I last checked in. I’ve been writing a lot, mainly notes for my screenplay, the one I’ve been working on since last April… (I meant to finish it in two months, April fools’ indeed!) I ran into lots of problems trying several times to jump into the writing of the first draft over the summer, so I fell back into the treatment form and decided to work out ever single beat of the story in prose form before I wrote the first Int./ext.
    I usually mix the process, writing scenes AND taking notes at the same time, but because of painful past experiences wasting too much energy on infinite drafts I’ve decided to cut myself some slack and work out all the plot and character problems I can identify before commiting to scene writing. And I believe this time is working! I’m almost finished going through the whole story, so I think this week I’ll start writing the proper draft. I’m using the final deadline of the Bluecat competition to have a first draft. I know it won’t be ready, but I need an excuse to force myself to sit and write the damn thing, and since they offer some feedback to all entries that will come handy too.
    Well, I need to go back to my notes. My goal for next week is to be able to come back here and say I’m having a ball writing action and dialogue on my free screenwriting software… Hope everybody is having a great time writing this week. Talk to you soon!

    • Mark Walker

      Hi Angel, great to see you to. I’m enjoying the hosting – it’s like old times! Which were similar to the new times to be honest and, as you say, it is always nice to see a familiar face (metaphorically speaking of course!).

      Glad you are making a breakthrough with the screenplay. I have found, like you, that planning does make all the difference to my writing. The times that I have tried to skimp on that and get into the writing earlier have largely failed. I find planning difficult because I want to be getting into the writing but, ultimately, it works for the best. Hope you manage to meet your target and look forward to hearing about your writing progress next week!

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