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Honeybee, hatching

Honeybee, hatching

Welcome, writers to our first check in for November and the home stretch of the 2015 writing year.

Its also our first check in of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), which I know some of you are doing this year. I put together a little something to help you hit your writing goals and you can find it here: A Special NaNoWriMo Gift.

If you’re new to the weekly check in, here’s how we do it:

  • Everyone is welcome.
  • Share what you’re working on and how it’s going.
  • Ask for help as you need and offer help as you can.
  • Don’t forget to cheer for each other!

If you’d like to share your writing goals, you can do that, too. Here are some tips on setting writing goals (scroll down).

I’m wrapping up a busy year myself and also doing some heavy travel this winter, so the lovely and talented Mark Walker will be your guest host in the weekly check in. Thank you again, Mark–you’re like a guardian angel.

Thank you for being such great supports to each other and best wishes on your writing week!

PS Do you have a writer friend who could use a little moral support? Let them know about the weekly check in. That’s why we do it!

6 thoughts on “Weekly Writer’s Check In: Everyone Welcome!

  • Mark Walker

    Thanks Shaula! I like to think of myself as a cross between Clarence and Michael Landon….well, to be honest, I only just thought about that as no-one has ever referred to be as a Guardian Angel before, so I was just wondering what sort of GA I would be… as you do!

    Well, it’s NaNoWriMo for me all month as I may have mentioned before. So I have just finished a treatment for my “next” project for when NaNo ends and the decks are clear for writing a novel. I am already slightly behind on the word count. Need just over 1600 words a day and I am a couple of hundred behind – but will hopefully pick that up tonight.

    What I have realised is that it is going to be hard. Not just the writing and word count, but a whole “new” discipline to crack. I never thought it would be easy but changing styles and breaking those rules about brevity that are so important for screenplays means my efforts so far are rather choppy in the descriptive department. I am sure it will get better as I fight on through though and it will be interesting to see how things improve as I get further in. It will also be interesting to see if my next screenplay draft comes in at over 400 pages… ;-)

    I have also had some notes come in on another piece of work that will need a rewrite after NaNo, so I should be fairly busy by the time December comes around, whether I have hit my 50,000 word target or not!

    Otherwise back to normal this week. Back from a week away with the family and back to work. So no more fun distractions for a while but also (hopefully) no more collapsing horses.

    Hope everyone is well and here’s to another great week for everyone!

    Keep on writing!

  • Mary


    Don’t think I can write a new novel in November, but I shall attempt to edit my YA one as much as possible.

    I handed in my rewrite last week and have a notes meeting this week. Trying to work on a couple of script ideas as well.
    I picked up a new book, Carry On, by Rainbow Rowell.

    I hope everyone meets their goals this week and for the month!

    • Mark Walker

      Hi Mary, nice to see you! I am beginning to think I might not be able to write a novel in November! ;-) Good luck with the editing and notes meeting! Do let us know how you get on!

  • Angel Mirou

    Yay, Shaula! Yay, host Mark! Yay, Mary!
    Oops, Shaula’s Café Americain is rather empty tonight. I know she’s travelling, so she’s got a good reason, and the rest… must be writing!! Which is awesome, yay everybody!
    I’m writing too, literally (ha-ha), but seriously, I want to share that I’m on page 21 of my first draft, and even better, I’m having a great time! God, I had forgotten how enjoyable can be to create a new story… My chances of finishing this draft by November 15 are rather slim, but I’ll worry about that when I worry about that.
    Good luck Mark and Mary with your novel writing and your other projects.

    Since Mary mentions what she’s reading I will too: For years I’d been saving Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys for a rainy day, and the other day I decided it was rainy enough to qualify, so I started it. And on page 13 I was already in love with the book, because of a scene that takes place in a hospital… I’m a fan of Gaiman’s, but by no means a completist, so I didn’t realize he could be so funny. No wonder he and Pratchett were such good chums.

    Well, enough babble. Time to do some more writing. I wish you all a good, productive week and hope to hear more about your novels in the next check in.

    • Mark Walker

      Hey Angel nice to see you in the check-in! Glad you are getting stuck into your draft and for not worrying too much about deadlines – hope the next 21 pages are as easy (?) as the last!

      You make me think I need to read more Gaiman, something I keep meaning to do, but somewhere never get around to or find the time.

      Keep writing Angel, and will no doubt be updating with my NaNo exploits next week!

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