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In honour of Poetry Month, I want to know who your inner poet is. But let’s raise the stakes and make this a little more interesting.

  1. What does ‘inner poet” mean to you? (You might think the answer is obvious but I can see several ways to respond.)
  2. Now answer the question yourself: who is your inner poet? (And why?)
  3. Also: who do you wish was your inner poet?
  4. Take the quiz.
  5. If the poet designated in your quiz response isn’t someone who’s work you know, read a few of their poem at the Poetry Foundation or the American Academy of Poets.
  6. Which poet feels like the best fit? (Probably the one you already carry in your heart, not the one generated by a silly quiz. But you never know: life is full of surprises.)
  7. Share your answers! I can’t wait to read them. And if you’re inspired, share some links to their poetry, too.

2 thoughts on “Who Is Your Inner Poet?

  • Mark Walker

    When I first read this post I was thinking “inner poet” – what part of me, inside, makes up my inner poet. My first thought was that it was the “Me” from childhood that was held back by certain people from expressing myself or doing the things I wanted to because of “disapproval” of the things that boys aren’t “meant” to do, like cooking and dancing. That’s who I was thinking my inner poet was.

    Thinking outside the box (body/mind), sticking with my childhood and the first poems I introduced to my kids, I would say Spike Milligan. What better way to introduce the little ‘uns to poetry than with unthreatening silly verse?

    Well, I took the test and got Ogden Nash. Not someone I am overly familiar with but, interestingly, does seem to fit in with my thoughts above. Whimsy is probably the word that does it. So I need to go and read some more of his work and, from what I just peeked at, it should be fun! You can have a look yourself if you like:


    And, just to finish off, this is a poem i remember in a book I had of Milligan’s work when I was very young. It’s absurdity stuck with me and I have known it off by heart forever… and I love it (and, I have just read, may have links to Gracie Fields, so more reading to do!)

    Fred Fernackerpan

    I am a mystery fellow,
    I’m Fred Fernackerpan,
    I wear one sock that’s yellow
    The other dipped in jam.
    I walk about the countryside I walk about the town,
    Sometimes with my trousers up And sometimes with them down;
    And when they were up they were up
    And when they were down they were down
    And when they were only half way up
    I was arrested.

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