Win an Online Master Class with Amma Asante

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BAFTA Award-winning writer/director Amma Asante is offering a free filmmaking masterclass to emerging women filmmakers.


Win an Online Master Class with Amma Asante

We are running a competition for emerging female filmmakers. Three winners will be selected to take part in an online master class with BAFTA winning writer/director Amma Asante. To enter please match the criteria below and answer either Questions 1 OR 2 AND Question 3 (each answer should be no more than 250 words)


  • Must be an emerging female filmmaker.
  • Must have either directed, written or produced at least one short film or have had a commissioned screenplay.


  1. Aside from race what, thematically, are the similarities between the films A Way of Life and Belle?
  2. Aside from race, what are the central themes of the film Belle?
  3. Tell us about the film that made you want to be a filmmaker.

Please email your answers and a brief bio (including details of your work) to by the deadline on September 5th 2015.

Women, if you qualify, jump on this opportunity! And if you know of women who may be interested, please spread the word. Amma Asante is a phenomenal talent and the three winners will be lucky women indeed.

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PS If you’re in the US, Amma Asante’s “Belle” is available legally through a wide range of platforms:

If you live in a different region and you know where your neighbours can legally watch or purchase “Belle” or “A Way of Life”, please share your tips in the comments.

Update 1 of 2

If you didn’t see A Way Of Life in its theatrical release, don’t worry:

I will update this post with the new question from Amma as soon as it is available.

Update 2 of 2

The new question has been added (Question 2). Please see the top of the post. Good luck on your entry and thank you for spreading the word!